but not everyone has a plan to reach that dream.

Jeanne Ward Consulting helps you to clarify your goals.


Then we help you to create the roadmap to live that life.


Jeanne Ward Consulting will help you to plan for the professional and personal life that you desire.  We will help you to ensure that you are living through your values so that you enjoy your day at work as much as you do at play.



Jeanne Ward Consulting will guide you through exercises that will help you to identify the building blocks of living the life you love.


Jeanne Ward Consulting will help you to create a system to determine how the people in your life can support your goals.  We help you to identify current and potential partners to help you accomplish desired outcomes.

My goals are clear and aligned with my life!

The process Jeanne has developed helped me codify a direction that had been floating around in my mind without my fully being aware of it. Each session had a purpose, and the work from it led smoothly into the next session. She took time to listen and synthesized ideas, playing them back in a manner that really helped me reach for those wisps floating around my mind and articulate them. I loved that her process focused in an early step on values for my life and for work based on my experiences in the past.


Nonprofit Consultant

About Jeanne Ward

Jeanne has spent years refining her skills as a consultant, leader and trainer to help others reach their goals.  She has worked with many organizations and their leaders to define their values, mission and vision as the basis of their strategic planning work.  This experience has allowed Jeanne to take the same skills and similar tools and apply them to help individuals to create realistic road maps to create the life of their desires. READ MORE

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