Nonprofits and their Board Members – Matches Made in Heaven?

The Fit of Nonprofit Board of Directors Positions

  For the past two years (around the new year) I have published a series of blog articles focused on recruiting and retaining a great nonprofit Board of Directors.  I take readers through 4 steps: Assess, Plan, Train, and Manage.  Within these steps are more detailed tasks such as determining who you are as an organization as well as deciding your organization’s needs, engaging in strategic planning, supporting and training your board & staff members and then managing the performance & outcomes of the board as well as your organization.  Organizations of all stages of development, from emerging to mature, can benefit from periodically re-assessing these areas. Today I would like to dig a little deeper.  Read More

The Financial Statements of Nonprofits

A better way to compare the stability and success of nonprofit organizations.

  I spent some time last week reviewing Common Size Financial Statements.  Investopedia defines these statements as “A company financial statement that displays all items as percentages of a common base figure. This type of financial statement allows for easy analysis between companies or between time periods of a company”.  Therefore, by using common size financials, one great benefit is that a person can review a company’s financial status in comparison with another company even if those companies are not comparable in other ways. Read More

Step 7 to Success – Balance

Pillar #7 –Our need for balance and ultimate fulfillment in our lives.

  How do you balance it all?  Many people talk about a ‘work-life balance’ and others say that there is no such thing.  What do you believe?  Do you have harmony in your life?  Do you live a balanced life?  Do you want it?  Zig Ziglar states “I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can't truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.Read More

Step 6 to Success – Collaboration

Pillar #6 –Honoring the benefits and struggles of good collaboration.

This blog post series titled, ‘Steps to Success’, discusses various steps that you can take to transform your life.  We must start by taking personal responsibility (Step 1), then you need to outline your vision (Step 2), decide how you will live a purpose driven life (Step 3) , commit to dreaming about infinite possibilities (Step 4), and then you are ready to put your hard work into action and you can become a catalyst (Step 5).  At that point, you will begin to see changes in your life.  Collaboration with others can continue to increase your ability to make positive change in your life.   This week we will discuss the 6th Pillar – Collaboration. Read More

Step 5 to Success – Becoming a Catalyst for Change

Pillar #5 -Steps to Create Positive Changes in your Life

NOW is the time to BE the person you want to become.  As stated by Gandhi, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  If you have been following my blog posts titled, ‘Steps to Success’, you will have already read about the personal assessment and preparation work that must be done to support positive changes in your life.   Once you have begun to take personal responsibility (Step 1), outlined your vision (Step 2), decided how you will live a purpose driven life (Step 3) and dreamed about infinite possibilities (Step 4), you are ready to put your hard work into action. Read More