Guest Blog Post

Mastering Self-Motivation: Help Your Nonprofit Reach Its Wildest Dream – Guest Blog Post

This article first appeared in Karen Eber Davis’ Blog. For more information follow this link. To contact Karen, go to www.kedconsult.com or call 941-924-4860.   Self-motivation, the ability to cajole yourself into doing your most important priorities, is an incredibly valuable tool in your nonprofit success toolkit. When we stop to think, we recognize that what keeps us from doing our priorities is not urgent matters, but a willpower shortage. We need more willpower because most priorities require us to step outside our comfort zone. Without willpower, any excuse will do. Read More

Slow Managers Aren’t the Same as “Slow Food”- Guest Blog Post

 I hope you enjoy this guest blog post by Paula J. MacLean of Silver Creek Press.
Many readers will be familiar with the “Slow Food” movement in North America and Europe. World-class chefs and everyday kitchen cooks have been pushing back against fast, often unhealthy foods that have become part many North American’s lifestyles. Careful preparation, orchestrated service and slow consumption make dining a much more enjoyable and healthy experience. Read More