The Confusion of an Unclear Brand

Do you send a clear message?

When someone does not connect with a brand, product or organization, they are not as likely to buy (into) it.  Lack of connection can also lead to product confusion.  This is why some companies try to create a similar name (or logo) as a famous brand.  This is also why trademark and copyright lawyers are very busy! Read More

Nonprofit Marketing: What Do They Want to Hear?

Nonprofit Marketing with megaphone

Nonprofit Marketing: Target Your Audience

I had an amazing opportunity today to experience a public speaking class at Speak Easy.  Although we learned many pertinent lessons, there was one specific statement the instructor shared that has stayed with me.  He said, “Think about what your audience wants to hear, not what you want to tell them”.  Wow!  This message is so important for us in our personal and professional lives.   I think about how this simple statement can change a situation, a conversation or even a relationship.  Read More

15 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs Social Media

Social Media is a great outlet for your nonprofit organization.  Many nonprofits now have Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, You Tube channels, etc.  But some nonprofits may still question the need for actively engaging on these sites or may be confused about the best ways to manage the sites that they have chosen.  Read More

How Does Your Nonprofit Use Its Voice?

I just discovered a new singer/songwriter that I love.  Her name is Jamera and she writes and sings Indi pop.  Jamera has a video clip on her website’s home page where she talks about the joy of sharing her voice in her music.  She explains that all different art forms (music, paint, dance, etc.) allow the artist to share their voice through their art.  She says, “You paint the picture with your voice, with a paintbrush, with your words…it’s all the same thing”.   I believe that nonprofits are another art-form that share their voices regarding each nonprofit’s mission and passion. Read More