Start Up

“Do It Afraid”. You will be glad that you did.

Walking on Water by Badr Naseem via Flicker In the past 2 years of my life, I have taken on some big challenges.  I am not always eager and comfortable doing them, but have done them nevertheless.  I’ve moved to a new country and on a weekly basis I put myself in new and (literally) foreign situations. I made this move a year and a half ago as my family and I temporarily relocated to Germany for my husband’s work.  I’ll admit, even blog writing intimidates me!  I have sat in front of my computer and started many blog entries.  But, as you see, this is the first one that you are reading.  That is because I was scared of writing my first blog.  One day as I was doing something new (which happens quite often for me in Germany), I realized that I just have to ‘do it afraid’.  Of course!!  That is what I must write about. Read More