“Do It Afraid”. You will be glad that you did.

Walking on Water by Badr Naseem via Flicker

In the past 2 years of my life, I have taken on some big challenges.  I am not always eager and comfortable doing them, but have done them nevertheless.  I’ve moved to a new country and on a weekly basis I put myself in new and (literally) foreign situations. I made this move a year and a half ago as my family and I temporarily relocated to Germany for my husband’s work.  I’ll admit, even blog writing intimidates me!  I have sat in front of my computer and started many blog entries.  But, as you see, this is the first one that you are reading.  That is because I was scared of writing my first blog.  One day as I was doing something new (which happens quite often for me in Germany), I realized that I just have to ‘do it afraid’.  Of course!!  That is what I must write about.

When I sense my fear of doing something, I think of 3 words that my business partner, Robin L. Cash (www.jharmonygroup.com), shared with me – “do it afraid’.  If we do not do things while being aware of our fear of them, we may just never do them.  Robin and I often use this quote as we completely agree that many steps in life must be done ‘afraid’.  I believe that progress is made ‘afraid’.   Doing it afraid is not a new notion.  Google shows that this term is used over and over again.  Fear often makes its way into our lives, and fear is so powerful that it can stop us from taking action, even if that action is a step to a desired outcome.

There have been many occasions when I wanted to talk to someone, but feared rejection or looking silly.  Or times when I wanted to try something athletic but was not sure that I could physically do it.  I always hesitated starting my own business and it took me many years to finally create my consulting company because I was afraid of failure.  Since Robin told me to ‘do it afraid’, I have tried to put myself into new situations and deal with the outcomes, however embarrassing they may be.  I have found that having this alternative mind-set helps me take steps that I fear.  For example, I have definitely had many, many odd looks from German people who have no clue what I am trying to say when I attempt to speak German!

I'm So Fly...Literally by Brandon Zierer via Flicker

I'm So Fly…Literally by Brandon Zierer via Flicker

So many of us have personal and professional goals that we take so long to accomplish or do not accomplish at all because of fear.  When we don’t even try, we have no chance of knowing whether it would have been successful or not.  We all owe it to ourselves to try and therefore, to know if it will work (or would have worked).  Next time you hesitate doing something that you really want to do…just ‘do it afraid’!
Photo credits to:
Top- “Walking on Water” by Badr Naseem@ Flickr
Bottom- “I’m So Fly…Literally” by Brandon Zierer @ Flickr

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