Jeanne Ward Consulting provides the following services to Gen X professionals:

  • Create your personal strategy through “Achieve the Vision” program

    • Achieve the Vision takes you through 6 sessions to ensure that you:
        • Work through your values
        • Uncover your skills and strengths
        • Build a job description of your ideal role
        • Bridge the GAP between your ideal self and where you are now
        • Determine how your values-based goals fit into your schedule
        • Create a Life Description to communicate your personal and professional needs


  • Organize how you think about your future planning with tools 

    • The Achieve the Vision program will provide you with various tools that help you organize how you think about planning your future.  Some tools and documents that we will create together are:
      • My Life Grid
      • My Mind Map
      • Circles of Time Exercise / Document


  • Determine how to collaborate your way to success

    • Create a system to determine how the people in your life can support your goals.
    • Identify current and potential partners to help you accomplish desired outcomes.


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