Step 4 to Success – Believing in Infinite Possibilities

Pillar #4 – Adopting a Mindset That is Full of Infinite Possibilities.

Once you have begun to take personal responsibility (Step 1), outlined your vision (Step 2) and decided how you will live a purpose driven life (Step 3), you can open yourself up to thinking about infinite possibilities.  Do you ever think about what ‘could be’ in your personal or professional life or what ‘could have been’?  People who take steps towards infinite possibilities are creating the right mindset to make their dreams a reality.  When we change our mindset and think about what we desire as well as think about the ability to achieve it, we are living with the belief of infinite possibilities.  People who live such a life not only believe that their dreams are possible, they take steps to help make them a reality.

Some characteristics of people who believe in infinite possibilities are:

  • They reflect, write, listen, plan, prepare, visualize and are grateful often.
    • The act of reflecting on and assessing your thoughts, feelings, actions and the events in your life help you to better understand yourself and your goals.  A great way to do this is through journaling.  Typically people journal in a ‘long-hand’ format which is writing about everything you are thinking, feeling and experiencing in life.  Another format for journaling is a ‘shorter-hand’ version which helps you focus on specific areas or themes.  A very good friend of mine, Liz Lassa, has created a journal titled Spiritual Circle Journal that guides you through a shorter-hand journaling process.  Liz’s information is religious in nature, but you can write using her journal in any way (non-religious if desired) you would like.
  • They think of abundance rather than scarcity.
    • Thinking of the abundance in your life rather than the scarcity in it helps you attract more of what you desire.  Do you put more emphasis on what you do have or could have rather than what you do not have?  Do you think about your potential for increasing your income rather than your debt?  Your mentality of living from a place of abundance versus living from a place of scarcity (and fear) can greatly affect your ability to live a life that offers infinite possibilities.
  • They nurture the mind, body, and spirit.
    • People who live a life of infinite possibilities prepare their mind, body and soul for a life of health.  They monitor what they put into their lives; they are mindful and healthy eaters as well as being conscious of what they read, listen to and watch.  They increase the amount of positive influences that they have in their life and minimize the amount of negative influences.
  • They serve others.
    • Serving others so that we all can live fulfilling lives is a condition to living a life of infinite possibilities.  When we understand that we are all here to support each other, whether that be in business (even highly profitable corporations need customers and stakeholders) or our personal lives, we can positively serve others.  This mentally of service will positively come back to us.
  • They think Win-Win.
    • As Dr. Stephen Covey states, “Win-win is a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all human interactions.”  He goes on to explain that “Many people think in terms of either/or: either you’re nice or you’re tough. Win-win requires that you be both.”
  • They are open to a variety of multiple roads or journeys to get them to their goals.
    • People who live with an infinite-possibilities mindset understand that there may be many different roads that will get them to their end-goal.  They keep the end in mind and continuously and consciously take steps to get there; working with all the distractions that life may have to offer.

I hope that you find that you have these characteristics and/or are comfortable to incorporate these steps into your life.  Please let me know if you take or have taken some of the above steps and how they have affected your life.   I would love to hear your comments!

Jeanne Ward is a Consultant and Personal Strategist who brings her knowledge of psychology, strategy and personal fulfillment to her current work. Jeanne started her career by helping mentally ill inmates to ‘get their lives back on track’ as they integrated back into society from jail in NYC. She leveraged this experience with a Social Work degree to manage teams who were supporting people trying to move back into the workforce. She later lived in Atlanta, GA and Frankfurt, Germany where she began consulting with nonprofit organizations to guide them on their strategy, volunteer development, and organizational development as well as to support the development of their leaders and board of directors. After the jolt of a divorce, Jeanne found herself doing a lot of soul-searching. Digging deep, she arrived at a new-found appreciation for herself and the world around her. This journey taught her that when we start with improving ourselves, the benefits multiply. Jeanne realized that her strengths of strategic thinking, relationship building, and implementation planning could be combined into her ongoing passion of personal leadership. Hence, her personal strategy work was born. Jeanne helps men and women between the ages of 35 and 55 who are fed up with their corporate jobs to create fulfilling professional and personal lives through the development of a personal strategic plan. This work ensures that her clients identify their professional and personal goals as well as create a plan to make those goals a reality. Jeanne is also the Executive Director of the Atlanta Road Trotters Kid’s Running Club, a nonprofit organization that provides a platform for children to build a foundation of running health and fitness which leads to a better connection to the organized running community as well as a strong foundation of Discipline, Self-Esteem, Respect and Team Work. She has also co-authored a workbook on networking, founded and organized the National Association of Social Workers-Georgia-sponsored ‘Social Service Career Network’ and organized a summit for the National Alliance for Mentally Ill attended by over 100 organizations from 6 Atlanta counties. Previously, she sat on the board of NASW GA as their Secretary as well as on the board of NAMI GA/DeKalb as their Co-President, was a senior consultant for the Georgia Center for Nonprofits and helped to run a capital campaign for an independent school. Jeanne has an MSW from Hunter School of Social Work (City University of New York), an MA in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice (City University of New York) and a BA in Psychology from Emory University. Jeanne lives in Atlanta with her ten-year-old son.

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