How Does Your Nonprofit Use Its Voice?

I just discovered a new singer/songwriter that I love.  Her name is Jamera and she writes and sings Indi pop.  Jamera has a video clip on her website’s home page where she talks about the joy of sharing her voice in her music.  She explains that all different art forms (music, paint, dance, etc.) allow the artist to share their voice through their art.  She says, “You paint the picture with your voice, with a paintbrush, with your words…it’s all the same thing”.   I believe that nonprofits are another art-form that share their voices regarding each nonprofit’s mission and passion. Read More

5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Could Fail

Last week I spoke about the success of failure.  I shared thoughts regarding how making mistakes and experiencing failures can actually work to your benefit as long as you learn from them and move on.  Today I want to talk about people related failures that nonprofits can experience, as opposed to the logistical ones. Read More

The Success of Failure

Men succeed when they realize that their failures are the preparations for their victories.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson

The topic of ‘failure’ has made its way in my ear a lot this past week.  Not failure in a negative sense, but failure in a positive sense.   Historically I have not considered the act of failing as a positive event, but now I am learning that failing is not only beneficial, but it may be necessary to push us towards ultimate success. Read More

Finding Your Strengths

Last week I spoke about the importance of identifying your strengths and using them as often as possible.  But, I didn’t give a lot of information about how to identify your strengths.  I saved that for this week!  Some resources that I did share last week were the Strengths Finder 2.0 and Strengths Based Leadership (Gallup Strengths Center) books to identify our strengths.  But, there are other ways that you can recognize your strengths on your own. Read More

Maximize Your Strengths in 5 Steps

How often do you think about your strengths? Can you list your 5 top strengths right now; off the top of your head? What about your areas-of-needed-improvement? Could you list 5 in less than 30 seconds? For many people, it is easier to identify and concentrate on our weaknesses rather than our strengths. We seem to ruminate more on what we ‘need to work on’. I used to work really hard to improve those things that I was not so good at. It often made me self-aware and insecure about my ‘weaknesses’. I often put more thought and energy into how I could get better instead of learning and focusing on my natural strengths. Then I was introduced to the idea of maximizing your strengths to benefit yourself, your work and your personal life rather than focusing most of your energy on your weaknesses. Read More