Step 4 to Success – Believing in Infinite Possibilities

Pillar #4 - Adopting a Mindset That is Full of Infinite Possibilities.

Once you have begun to take personal responsibility (Step 1), outlined your vision (Step 2) and decided how you will live a purpose driven life (Step 3), you can open yourself up to thinking about infinite possibilities.  Do you ever think about what ‘could be’ in your personal or professional life or what ‘could have been’?  People who take steps towards infinite possibilities are creating the right mindset to make their dreams a reality.  When we change our mindset and think about what we desire as well as think about the ability to achieve it, we are living with the belief of infinite possibilities.  Read More

Step 3 to Success – Living a Purpose Driven Life

Pillar #3 - Taking steps to be purpose driven.

Once you have begun to take personal responsibility (Step 1) and outline your vision (Step 2), you can think in more detail about steps to take that will get you to your vision.  When you move forward on this journey, and when these steps are in line with your values, you will be living a purpose driven life. Read More

Step 2 to Success – Identifying Your Vision

Pillar #2=Setting the Vision for personal growth.

Once you have begun to take personal responsibility (Step 1) and accept that you have the ability to choose how you will think, feel and act, you are ready to begin to reach for the future that you desire.  The next step is to clearly outline your vision.  You may have experience doing this with your organization, but have you ever thought to do it for your own life?  Creating your personal vision statement is just as important for you as it is for an organization that is forming their vision statement. Read More

Step 1 to Success- Taking Personal Responsibility

Pillar #1=Personal Responsibility for your benefit and the benefit of your organization.

  Personal responsibility is part of the foundation required to create a more successful life.   This is the responsibility of taking care of ourselves for our sake and for the sake of others.  Read More

Nonprofit Profile of NAMI GA

Nonprofit Profiles - From the Desk of: NAMI GA

I conduct a series called ‘From the Desk of:  Atlanta Nonprofit Leaders’.  This endeavor is a series of interviews of Executive Directors, Head of Schools and CEOs of local nonprofit organizations.   My Nonprofit Profiles blog posts highlight the most outstanding feature of each leader and his/her organization.  Here are their stories…

“Looking From All Views for Good Business”

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