Nonprofit Profile of CHRIS Kids

Nonprofit Profiles -  From the Desk of:  CHRIS Kids

I conduct a series called 'From the Desk of:  Atlanta Nonprofit Leaders'.  This endeavor is a series of interviews of Executive Directors, Head of Schools and CEOs of local nonprofit organizations.   My Nonprofit Profiles blog posts highlight the most outstanding feature of each leader and his/her organization.  Here are their stories...
“The Business of Utilizing People’s Potential” Read More

Recruit and Retain a Strong Nonprofit Board of Directors in 2014 – Step 1

Step 1 -Assess your nonprofit board of directors status and needs

I'm excited to get into more detail to help you recruit and retain the right board members for your nonprofit board of directors!  Last blog I gave an overview of certain steps your board can take to ensure that you are recruiting and then retaining candidates who are the best fit for your nonprofit board.  This week, we will speak in some more detail about Step 1 = Assess.  When conducting an initial assessment of your board, on a broad scale, it is important to determine the status of your organization as well as to decide the specific needs of your board. Read More

Recruit and Retain a Strong Nonprofit Board of Directors in 2014

As it is a new year and many of us are re-assessing our lives as they are now and how we would like them to be, I think it is a fitting time to take a look at your nonprofit board of directors.  Are you all working from the same mindset?  Does everyone know the values, mission and vision of the organization and are making decisions based on these important factors?  Since the board helps to set the tone of a nonprofit's culture, I am re-publishing, with some updates, this and the next 4 blog posts to help you ensure that you are recruiting and retaining a strong nonprofit board of directors. Read More

How to Plan for a Great New Year – 3 Simple Steps

A Better YOU Means a Better Nonprofit Organization

We are almost 2 weeks into 2014 and I am still excited about and working on my goals and intentions for the New Year.  Many people made resolutions and are working hard to build new habits and make their goals a reality.  As we all work towards those accomplishments, here are three simple steps that you can take to plan for a great year.  These will help if you have already made resolutions or not.  If you have already made resolutions, use these steps to reorganize how you think about them.  Starting with the successes that you accomplished in 2013 will help remind you of your strength, power and potential. Read More