Nonprofit Profile of NAMI GA

Nonprofit Profiles - From the Desk of: NAMI GA

I conduct a series called ‘From the Desk of:  Atlanta Nonprofit Leaders’.  This endeavor is a series of interviews of Executive Directors, Head of Schools and CEOs of local nonprofit organizations.   My Nonprofit Profiles blog posts highlight the most outstanding feature of each leader and his/her organization.  Here are their stories…

“Looking From All Views for Good Business”

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Connecting Atlanta’s Neighborhoods Using DATA!

Got data?  Want data?  Do you know how to access internal and external data to better assess and monitor your organization?   Whether you are interested in applying for a new grant or want to know which neighborhood would most greatly benefit from your services, statistics can help you ‘make the case’.  In order to take actions and make decisions that involve others outside of your organization, it is important to use external data. Read More

Slow Managers Aren’t the Same as “Slow Food”- Guest Blog Post

 I hope you enjoy this guest blog post by Paula J. MacLean of Silver Creek Press.
Many readers will be familiar with the “Slow Food” movement in North America and Europe. World-class chefs and everyday kitchen cooks have been pushing back against fast, often unhealthy foods that have become part many North American’s lifestyles. Careful preparation, orchestrated service and slow consumption make dining a much more enjoyable and healthy experience. Read More

Skills Based and Pro Bono Volunteering: What are they?

Skills based and pro bono volunteering take volunteering to the next level!  These specific types of volunteering provide great resources to nonprofit organizations and can enhance organizational sustainability in ways that may not have been previously utilized.   These types of volunteer efforts often give nonprofits the resources that they cannot financially afford, but that they need to be successful and sustainable.    Read More

If Volunteering Really Helps You Live Longer, Where Do I Sign Up?

I recently read an article by the American Psychological Association from a couple of years ago titled 'Volunteering to Help Others Could Lead to Better Health'.  It starts by stating, “People who volunteer may live longer than those who don’t, as long as their reasons for volunteering are to help others rather than themselves, suggests new research published by the American Psychological Association.”   Wow, could this be true?  What a great reason to get out there and volunteer with an organization that you are interested in! Read More