3 Life Lessons I Learned Being in the Circus

During grade school, I was a member of the Sarasota Sailor Circus and walked the high wire in front of hundreds of people. This circus started in 1949 (http://circussarasota.org/community-outreach/sailor-circus/) and grows every year. Read More

5 Ways to Follow-through in 2013

It’s a New Year and many of us are trying to get focused and organized to follow-through on our New Year’s Resolutions.  Focusing on good follow-up actions allows you to be more organized so that you are in a better position to reach your goals.  Here are 5 things you can do to follow-through on commitments TODAY! Read More

Organizing your Organization in 5 Easy Steps!

Filing Cabinet by 401(K)2012 via Flicker It’s a new year and you might have made some resolutions for positive changes in your personal and professional lives.  Think about the goals that you have set for yourself or your organization for this year.  What do you want to accomplish in the coming weeks and months? What steps will you need to take to accomplish your said goals?  How will you plan for success in 2013? Read More

Recruiting and Retaining the Right Board Members for your Nonprofit Board- Part IV

Universal thank you note by Woodley Wonder Works via flicker Today is the last installment of the 4 steps you can take to recruiting and retaining the right board members for your nonprofit organization's (NPO) board of directors.  We will discuss Step 4- Manage your board.  Managing and maintaining a good, strong functioning board can be challenging.  When you have taken the previously stated 3 steps, it is then time to monitor the efforts that you have already put in place.  As with the second step, Plan, I will ask you some questions today to guide your thinking when working on managing your board. Read More

Recruiting and Retaining the Right Board Members for your Nonprofit Board- Part III

Zone3 by David Bleasdale via Flicker Over the past three weeks, we have reviewed some steps that you and your board can take to recruit and retain the 'right' board members.  Please see the below graphic for a review of the steps. We have already discussed the importance of Assessing the needs of your board and organization as well as Planning for the right board members. Today, we will discuss Training your board. Read More