Making the Case for Giving to Nonprofits after Thanksgiving

Maximizing this Challenge by Promoting “Giving Tuesday”

Most Americans have just spent the past day experiencing a ‘day of thanks’.  Some took time away from their families to help at homeless shelters, soup kitchens or volunteered at nonprofit organizations to help serve meals to the needy.  But now it’s Friday; we are ready to shop or are maybe back at work.   Will it be another year before we think about serving at those organizations again? Read More

Manage your Meetings: 5 Tips to an Efficient Nonprofit Board Meeting

How to Create Efficient Nonprofit Board Meetings

  Although we can’t expect every nonprofit board meeting to be fun and full of laughs, they all do not have to be long and boring.  I have experienced many laborious board meetings and have heard many stories of extremely long-winded, inefficient and sometimes inappropriate board meetings.  Here are some tips that can help cut the length of your board meetings as well as make them more focused and therefore more enjoyable. Read More

The Confusion of an Unclear Brand

Do you send a clear message?

When someone does not connect with a brand, product or organization, they are not as likely to buy (into) it.  Lack of connection can also lead to product confusion.  This is why some companies try to create a similar name (or logo) as a famous brand.  This is also why trademark and copyright lawyers are very busy! Read More

A Nonprofit’s Magic: How to make the secret sauce.

A Nonprofit’s Magic: It’s In the Secret Sauce
  You may be wondering why I would align the dedicated and hard work of nonprofit organizations with magic.  Magic is believed to be part of fantasy as well as have other negative connotations.  But, many of us catch ourselves wishing for things that we do not have.  We at times share the fantasy of magic to hope for something that is not currently part of our reality.   I’m sure many nonprofit leaders, managers, staff and volunteers have at one moment in time ‘wished’ for more money, stronger partners, additional manpower, better perks, etc.    Read More

THE Key to Nonprofit Sustainability

The Most Important Factor in Nonprofit Sustainability


Last week I spoke about 5 areas of nonprofit sustainability.  These are areas that nonprofits should target when planning for the endurance of their organizational success.

They are:

  • Financial Strength and Security
  • Great Leadership
  • Solid Programming
  • Technology and Resources
  • Monitoring and Adaptive Capacity
This week I will prioritize the list and pinpoint the key factor of nonprofit sustainability.  Read More