Nonprofit Marketing: What Do They Want to Hear?

Nonprofit Marketing with megaphone

Nonprofit Marketing: Target Your Audience

I had an amazing opportunity today to experience a public speaking class at Speak Easy.  Although we learned many pertinent lessons, there was one specific statement the instructor shared that has stayed with me.  He said, “Think about what your audience wants to hear, not what you want to tell them”.  Wow!  This message is so important for us in our personal and professional lives.   I think about how this simple statement can change a situation, a conversation or even a relationship.  Read More

How Do I Measure My Nonprofit’s Passion?

Nonprofit organizations start with a mission, a passion.  There is a cause that needs to be fixed or helped.  One or a few intelligent and determined people set out to make a difference for that particular cause.   Soon, or after a long time waiting for the IRS designation, a nonprofit if formed!  Then, quite often, it struggles to maintain sustainability.   If there is great value in the services that nonprofits provide, why do they struggle? Read More

Connecting Atlanta’s Neighborhoods Using DATA!

Got data?  Want data?  Do you know how to access internal and external data to better assess and monitor your organization?   Whether you are interested in applying for a new grant or want to know which neighborhood would most greatly benefit from your services, statistics can help you ‘make the case’.  In order to take actions and make decisions that involve others outside of your organization, it is important to use external data. Read More

Slow Managers Aren’t the Same as “Slow Food”- Guest Blog Post

 I hope you enjoy this guest blog post by Paula J. MacLean of Silver Creek Press.
Many readers will be familiar with the “Slow Food” movement in North America and Europe. World-class chefs and everyday kitchen cooks have been pushing back against fast, often unhealthy foods that have become part many North American’s lifestyles. Careful preparation, orchestrated service and slow consumption make dining a much more enjoyable and healthy experience. Read More

Skills Based and Pro Bono Volunteering: What are they?

Skills based and pro bono volunteering take volunteering to the next level!  These specific types of volunteering provide great resources to nonprofit organizations and can enhance organizational sustainability in ways that may not have been previously utilized.   These types of volunteer efforts often give nonprofits the resources that they cannot financially afford, but that they need to be successful and sustainable.    Read More