Making the Case for Giving to Nonprofits after Thanksgiving

Maximizing this Challenge by Promoting “Giving Tuesday”

Most Americans have just spent the past day experiencing a ‘day of thanks’.  Some took time away from their families to help at homeless shelters, soup kitchens or volunteered at nonprofit organizations to help serve meals to the needy.  But now it’s Friday; we are ready to shop or are maybe back at work.   Will it be another year before we think about serving at those organizations again? Read More

The Benefit of Clearly Defining your Business Lines In a Nonprofit Organization

A Tool for Nonprofit Sustainability

How clearly do you define your organization’s business lines?  What are business lines?  Read More

Nonprofit Profile of The Better Outcomes Foundation

Nonprofit Profiles - From the Desk of: The Better Outcomes Foundation

I conduct a series called ‘From the Desk of:  Atlanta Nonprofit Leaders’.  This endeavor is a series of interviews of Executive Directors, Head of Schools and CEOs of local nonprofit organizations.   My Nonprofit Profiles blog posts highlight the most outstanding feature of each leader and his/her organization.  Here are their stories…

“The Power of Statistics”
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Recruiting and Retaining The Right Board Members for your Nonprofit Board – Introduction

'En el CGPJ' by Enrique Dans via Flicker Creating and sustaining a solid board of directors for your nonprofit is a significant task.  Certain steps can help to ensure a strong, collaborative and working board to benefit the nonprofit organization you lead.  Here are the steps that can be completed to guide you and your board to success! Read More

What is Your Nonprofit Selling?

Money (bundle of cash) by 401(K)2012 via Flicker I love a quote I read from Jessica Jackley, co-founder of the nonprofit, Kiva (www.kiva.org).  Jackley was speaking about her reaction to a speech from a founder of a microfinance bank.  She said “The way he talked about the poor was beautiful, respectful, and dignified. I didn’t have feelings of guilt and shame like I did after a lot of nonprofit messaging. Instead, I wanted to be there, listening to people’s stories and talking with clients face to face” (Article titled ‘The Profit In Nonprofit’, in the online Sanford Social Innovation Review at www.ssireview.org/articles/entry/the_profit_in_nonprofit).   This made me think about the manner in which many nonprofits share their message of need; their need for money. Read More