Manage your Meetings: 5 Tips to an Efficient Nonprofit Board Meeting

How to Create Efficient Nonprofit Board Meetings

  Although we can’t expect every nonprofit board meeting to be fun and full of laughs, they all do not have to be long and boring.  I have experienced many laborious board meetings and have heard many stories of extremely long-winded, inefficient and sometimes inappropriate board meetings.  Here are some tips that can help cut the length of your board meetings as well as make them more focused and therefore more enjoyable. Read More

The Confusion of an Unclear Brand

Do you send a clear message?

When someone does not connect with a brand, product or organization, they are not as likely to buy (into) it.  Lack of connection can also lead to product confusion.  This is why some companies try to create a similar name (or logo) as a famous brand.  This is also why trademark and copyright lawyers are very busy! Read More