Volunteer Development

Skills Based and Pro Bono Volunteering: What are they?

Skills based and pro bono volunteering take volunteering to the next level!  These specific types of volunteering provide great resources to nonprofit organizations and can enhance organizational sustainability in ways that may not have been previously utilized.   These types of volunteer efforts often give nonprofits the resources that they cannot financially afford, but that they need to be successful and sustainable.    Read More

If Volunteering Really Helps You Live Longer, Where Do I Sign Up?

I recently read an article by the American Psychological Association from a couple of years ago titled 'Volunteering to Help Others Could Lead to Better Health'.  It starts by stating, “People who volunteer may live longer than those who don’t, as long as their reasons for volunteering are to help others rather than themselves, suggests new research published by the American Psychological Association.”   Wow, could this be true?  What a great reason to get out there and volunteer with an organization that you are interested in! Read More

5 Critical Aspects of Nonprofit Staff and Volunteer Development

Nonprofit organizations are carried by two main things: their mission and their people.    The mission creates the purpose of the organization and the people uphold and implement the areas which fulfill the mission (such as strong leadership, financial stability, sound technology, etc.).  Therefore, the people of a nonprofit organization are vital.    Read More

The Psychology behind Volunteering

This is National Volunteer Week 2013 and I want to dig deeper into the reasons that people volunteer (those who give their time without being required to by an outside source).     Why do something if you do not have to?  We often do things that bring us some sort of reciprocation.  Read More