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Achieve Planned Growth

Specifically adapted for non-profits, Jeanne Ward Consulting uses a balanced scorecard approach that has been modified to help you assess, measure, and achieve growth. For organizations looking to make a positive impact, JWC utilizes vast experience and knowledge to help with setting goals, implementing measurements, and assessing results.

Identify your goals and plan how to reach them.

Information Technology

Organizational Assessment

JWC conducts a systematic evaluation of a nonprofit’s mission, structure, processes, organizational
capital, and overall financial health to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This is
shared with leaders to make informed decisions to improve efficiency, effectiveness, overall success,
and ultimately, impact.

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Performance Measurement

JWC helps you quantify and assess how well your organization is achieving its goals and objectives. We
help you to use key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to track progress, make data-driven
decisions, and improve overall performance.


Implementation Planning

JWC helps you implement your strategic focus by outlining the specific steps, resources, and timelines
that are needed for action. This involves defining objectives, assigning responsibilities, building
milestones, and creating a roadmap to ensure successful execution of your strategy and attainment of
your organization’s goals.

About Jeanne

For nearly 25 years, Jeanne Ward has been sharing her passion and expertise with non-profits both locally and internationally. Whether working directly for non-profits or consulting with non-profit organizations, she has gained keen insight into the social sector. Her honed facilitation skills enable her to work collaboratively with clients, helping everyone to remain focused and work towards a common goal. With special emphasis on strategic planning, board development, and resource development, Jeanne works with organizations or individuals. Originally from Florida, Jeanne got her advanced degrees in New York and moved to Atlanta in 2007. She holds a BA from Emory University, and Masters degrees in both Forensic Psychology and Social Work. 

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United Way of Metro ATL

Case Management Academy 

N.Z. - Participant

“I learned more today than most trainings I've been to...
I really enjoyed it! "

FOCUS (Families of Children Under Stress)

J.T. - Former Executive

"Jeanne did the strategic plan and implementation plan which helped for years...."

Federal Reserve Bank of ATL

Business Technology Services

R.A. - Director

“Jeanne provided strategic planning guidance and support for over 4 years....”
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